An Impatient McDonald’s Customer Brought a Gun to a Burger Fight, and it Didn’t Go Well

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: McDonald's)

The whole point of McDonald’s is that it’s supposed to be as quick as possible.

In an ideal world, we’d all be in and out of a Golden Arches restaurant within thirty seconds – spending any longer in the establishment might give you time to really think about what you’re about to put into your body, and nobody really wants that.

Alas, though, sometimes, it’s necessary to wait that little bit extra for your McDonald’s meal. In times like this, wise patrons will take a deep breath, and remind themselves that this increases the chances that they’ll get nice, freshly cooked fries, rather than the limp ones that are immediately ready, but have also been sitting on the shelf for an hour.

Unwise patrons, though, fire their stolen guns into the air and threaten to kill McDonald’s staff.

Such was the case when Felipe Israel Meza Pineda visited a McDonald’s restaurant in Santiago, Chile. Forced to wait in line for longer than he was willing, Pineda figured that the best way to get served quicker was to fire his gun into the air, threaten staff, and basically just stagger around like an idiot.

This wasn’t even a crime of passion – reports suggest that Pineda was initially removed by security guards for unwarranted behavior before returning later to fire a weapon into the air, meaning that he had to actively make the decision to escalate things, go and fetch his firearm, and then start waving it around in an attempt to threaten people.

CCTV footage shows him repeatedly slapping the gun, as if he’s having trouble getting it to actually fire, which is a small mercy, as things could have gone a lot worse if the weapon had been just a little more operational.

Pineda rampage was shortlived, as he was ultimately arrested by police officers who happened to be sitting in their patrol car nearby, and who heard the gunshot and investigated accordingly.

Turns out the gun itself had been reported as stolen, which hasn’t exactly helped Pineda’s case.

So the next time the line at McDonald’s seems unbearably long, count your blessings – things could be far worse.