The Beautiful New Toast Trend That’s Sweeping Japan

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Instagram)

Instagram trends come in many forms.

While some creators produce beautiful, elaborate works of art using food, in a process that takes hours of perfectly arranging every individual piece of a complicated design, sometimes, a far simpler piece of food art is all it takes to kick off a trend.



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Japan’s food artists are enjoying a current trend for cherry toast, in which a simple piece of cooked bread is transformed into a picture of a pair of cherries, using only a cherry tomato and a couple of bean sprouts.



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Finally, a trend that even lay artists can get involved in!

But it’s amazing how such a simple piece of art can be transformed into something more in the hands of a truly skilled creator. Using additional ingredients, some of these photos are absolutely mouth-watering, despite their focal point being a humble piece of toast.

Some creators have even tried taking this trend literally, using actual cherries to line their toast instead of creating a façade using a tomato. This suits anyone who’d rather enjoy a sweet toast topping, rather than a more savory fruit.



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Here’s hoping that this is the beginning of a beautiful trend, as more artists get involved in producing astonishingly simply works of food art.

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