Because Coffee Is Love, Starbucks Releases Valentine’s Specialty Drink

Tina Rivera
(Photo: obsev / Kritchanut / Shutterstock)

Remember that one time a Starbucks employee created a secret Valentine’s Day menu and the Internet went wild? Think pink and purple Frappuccinos, made from a few pumps of raspberry syrup, with chocolate chips and a plethora of whipped cream!

Welp, February 14 is finally approaching, and in an effort to not be one-upped by their barista from Tucson, Starbucks has decided to spread the love by creating a Valentine’s Day menu of their own. Beginning February 8, for one week only, Starbucks is releasing three new limited edition drinks: the Molten Chocolate Latte, Molten Chocolate Frappuccino, and Molten Hot Chocolate.


If you were expecting to see another pink Frappuccino and were disappointed, I don’t blame you. However, these molten drinks include the sweet taste of chocolate in their best forms, including chocolate chips melted into espresso, a rich and creamy chocolate sauce, and a chocolate infused whipped cream. Is there such a thing as a chocolate overload?

As if three new holiday drinks weren’t romantic enough, Starbucks is also offering to host coffee dates at their shops all around the world. “Meet up with a friend for a Starbucks date, February 8-14,” reads their website. To make planning a little easier, Starbucks even created a “#StarbucksDate Gif Giver,” where customers can create custom gifs that serve as a cute invitation for a cup of coffee.

Whether you have a lover this Valentine’s Day or are flying solo, you can say “thank you” to Starbucks for never leaving you lonely! 

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