Watch This German Dude Break A World Record For Carrying Beer

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: YouTube)

You know how satisfied you get whenever you’re tasked with carrying more than two beverages at once and you actually pull it off?

German waiter Oliver Strümpfel scoffs at your paltry beer-hauling accomplishments.

Following months of strength training, Strümpfel broke his own world record by carrying 29 steins of beer a distance of 40 meters (131 feet) at the Gillamoos fair in the Bavarian town of Abensberg on Sunday. The previous mark was 25 steins.

Who needs a brew pipeline when you could have Strümpfel in your crew?

Compared to beer glasses most Americans are used to, steins are freaking enormous—two whole pints of beer filled each of the 29 glasses. That’s roughly 154 pounds of alcohol being balanced between Strümpfel’s arms and chest. By rule, Strümpfel couldn’t lose more than 10 percent of the steins’ contents.

“I have been training since February three or four times a week in the gym, and that is awesome when I think that is 200 hours all for the 40 seconds I just ran,” Strümpfel said, according to DW.

After successfully transporting 27 and then 29 beers, Strümpfel tried his hand at 31, but lost two along the way.

He said he’ll try 31 again at next year’s Gillamoos fair.

“I know that I can carry more than 30 steins,” he said.