This New Beer Could Literally Save Your Life One Day


There are a lot of people who think drinking is bad for you. And while yes, excessive drinking will certainly have negative effects on your health, there are some merits to having a couple of adult beverages every now and again. For instance, Dogfish Head Brewery just made a beer that could literally save your life if you are ever stranded somewhere. It will forever change how you view beer companies and the alcohol itself.

Dogfish Head is set to release a beer called “It’s The End Of The Wort As We Know It.” It’s a very long title for a beer, but it deserves all of the descriptors it has, because this is the world’s first “survival beer.”

According to the company itself, the beer is “an exclusive made from a complex mix of nutrient-packed super foods resulting in the ultimate and definitive survival beer. Deep purple and hazy in color, It’s The End of the Wort As We Know It is a Belgian-style fruit ale chock full of essential amino acids, micronutrients and vitamins.”

The beer is made with several different fruits and hops, and it’s truly one of the most creative and daring beers to have ever been created. It sounds like a hipster’s dream beer, as it’s “blended an intensely fruity mixture of blueberries, acai and goji berries, along with an assortment of ingredients that includes purple sweet potatoes, rose hips, chia seeds, flax seed, spelt, oats and quinoa..”

What’s more — the beer comes with a survival kit that includes a limited-edition Dogfish branded Swiss army knife, and the beer is wrapped in a solar blanket that could come in useful if you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness and need to survive. And finally, the blanket is tied to the bottle with a paracord.

Seems like if you start drinking this beer you’ll end up feeling like this guy…

There are only 200 packages of this limited edition offer, and priced at $45, it seems like a steal. So what do you think? Willing to try the world’s first survival beer? Or are you just going to keep on crushing Natty Light?