‘Beer Yoga’ Is Apparently a Worldwide Trend

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Facebook / Bieryoga)

If you're like me and understand the supposed benefits of yoga but never got into the idea of boring your body into decent physical shape, a trend that's recently started gaining steam might finally get you aboard the yoga train: beer yoga.

While the idea of enjoying beer before, after, and during yoga sessions is just gaining prevalence now, the fad has actually been in use for at least four years.

In 2013, Oregon-based yogi Mikki Trowbridge visited the Rogue Ales brewery's hop farm outside the city of Salem.

"It was a beautiful spot and my husband said 'Someone should do a yoga class here,'" Trowbridge told the Oregonian. Since that first class drew over 100 people, Trowbridge and her community Yoga + Beer has been holding eight to 15 beer-infused yogas classes a month all across Oregon.

The trend has since traveled to several far-reaching corners of the planet.

"[Beer yoga] is fun but it's no joke," Germany-based yogi Jhula told Mashable earlier this week. "We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness."

Facebook / Bieryoga

It's also become popular in Australia—classes offered in Sydney feature new poses such as "beer salutations" and whatever one would call balancing a beer bottle on one's head.

"It's been funny to watch," Trowbridge said of the trend's growing popularity. "We in the beer yoga community have been exchanging emails all day like 'What?!'"

"For us, it's about bringing people together," the yogi added. "Yoga is something you do for yourself, but beer brings people together. People have been gathering around beer for a long time."

Trowbridge also sees the meshing of yoga and beer as a way to get those like me, the uninitiated, involved in the ancient practice.

"Yoga can be intimidating," Trowbridge said. "But when you put it in a brewery, all of a sudden people say 'Hey, I can do that.'"