Ben and Jerry’s Debuts Froot Loops-Flavored Ice Cream

Matthew Loffhagen
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One of the purest joys in all the world is drinking the leftover milk from a bowl of cereal.

Granted, this joy might be diluted somewhat if you prefer something relatively healthy, like bran flakes, but if you make the (correct) choice of starting your day with a big bowl of sugary corn shapes and marshmallows, you’ll know just how delicious that leftover milk can be, once it’s absorbed all the flavor from your cereal.

Now, Ben and Jerry’s has released three new flavors of ice cream that are designed to give a new spin to this iconic breakfast experience. The Cereal Splashback range perfectly re-creates the taste of cereal milk, while combining it with the wondrous taste of ice cream.

Customers can try out Fruit Loot, a flavor that’s designed to taste like Froot Loops cereal (or, at least, its off-brand cousin), Frozen Flakes (which tastes something like Frosted Flakes), and Cocoa Loco (which resembles chocolatey Cocoa Puffs).

These three flavors are a delicious treat, and considering the scientific benefits to eating ice cream for breakfast, you’re totally justified in skipping the cereal and reaching straight for any of these in the morning.