The Best Frozen Pizza Has Been Decided And It’s Better Than Delivery


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Frozen pizza is an American staple. But some frozen pizzas miss the mark. Like, really miss the mark, and they are straight up nasty. Cardboard crust, rubbery cheese, meat that tastes like Play-Doh. You get the picture. Fortunately, we finally have a clear winner, so the next time you’re shopping for a quick meal make sure to grab the best frozen pizza on the market.

There is a range of pizzas one can buy, but for grading purposes the pizzas tested were only cheese or veggie. Consumer Reports did all the leg work for us, and tried 26 different frozen pizza pies.

Consumer Reports didn’t grade on just taste either. It was based on nutrition as well. They even noted that frozen pizzas are often healthier than delivery, so you can stop feelings guilty for all those times you killed an entire frozen pizza alone in your apartment.

Before we get to the winner, the second and third place pizzas deserve a shoutout. American Flatbread Three-Cheese Pizza and Amy’s Cheese Pizza took the bronze and silver medals. Both pizzas were delicious, and overall they were on the “healthier” side for something doughy and cheese. A big issue with frozen pizza is the high sodium levels, but both of these pies didn’t have outrageous nutrition facts.

And now, for your top ranked frozen pizza for that luxurious night in to Netflix and chill and chow down.

California Pizza Kitchen’s Spinach and Artichoke Thin Crust is the best frozen pizza on the market (according to Consumer Reports). This popular restaurant chain’s pizza is delicious AF. It was also healthier all around. Since there are veggies on it, there is less room for cheese, which saves tons calories. Its thin crust keeps carbs low, but not at the cost of taste. It certainly gives delivery a run for its money, and just might take away sales from the popular chains. (Looking at you, Papa John’s, and your over-priced hot circles of garbage.)

For the complete ranking list of frozen pizzas check out the full review.