Watch This Dude Consume 4 Big Macs, 4 Large Fries, And 4 Large Milkshakes In Unthinkable Time

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: YouTube)

If you think what competitive eater Matt Stonie is able to fit into his stomach at the speed with which he eats is impossible, then you’re probably in agreement with whoever named the Impossible Big Mac Challenge.

In fact, the challenge—the consumption of four Big Macs, four large orders of McDonald’s fries, and four large McDonald’s milkshakes—had already been accomplished by at least three fellow competitive eaters before Stonie set his eyes on the stomach-stuffing feast.

Beard Meets Food completed it in roughly 26 minutes.

Furious Pete bested Mr. Meets Food’s mark with a time of 24 minutes and 47 seconds.

Then Leah Shutkever made like the Hamburglar and stole the record for herself, shattering Furious Pete’s time by completing the challenge in just six minutes and 15 seconds.

Stonie took a significant bite out of her time, consuming the feast in just five minutes and 31 seconds.

“Well that’s it. It is not the impossible Big Mac Challenge,” says a milkshake-mustached Stonie at the end of the video below.

“It is the possible Big Mac Challenge but it might leave you feeling very full.”

He also notes, “I was hoping for a better time but I just hate eating French fries fast.”

That’s where he can learn a lesson from Furious Pete.