Big Mac Special Sauce Sells Out in 15 Minutes, Now Only Available for 10x the Price

Malcolm Freberg
(Photo: OBSEV / McDonald's)

So here’s what happened:

McDonald’s released a limited run of Big Mac Special Sauce bottles in Australia. Why Australia should be so blessed is unclear.

The 500ml (about 20 oz.) bottles went on sale for $4.99 in select stores at midnight on Saturday. Roughly 4,000 bottles hit the shelves, all shiny and pale orange, just awaiting the grubby paws of hungry Aussies.

Within 15 minutes they were gone.


Distraught home Big Mac chefs were not without hope, however. Just hours later, the website Gumtree, which appears to be an eBay for upside-downers, started showing multiple listings for Big Mac Special Sauce. In a move that’d make Martin Shkreli proud, a handful of ruthless Australian entrepreneurs bought the entire country’s (and really, the world’s) supply of sauce, and are now jacking the price up by 1,000 percent.

Listings range from $30 to upwards of $100 dollars—what that converts to in kangaroo feet we don’t know. But apparently people are willing to pay, seeing as some of the lower-priced offerings are already sold out.

So what have we learned? A) Australians love Big Macs more than us; B) Australians are better at cornering the market than us; and C) Australians are unaware that the internet is littered with recipes for homemade Special Sauce.

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