Bill Murray Is Opening a New Restaurant Based on One of His Most Famous Movies

Matthew Loffhagen
Warner Bros
(Photo: Warner Bros)

It’s been well documented that Bill Murray is not above turning up at a restaurant or a bar to cause a little trouble and have fun with his fans.

Murray’s been known to show up as a surprise bartender for patrons of some of his favorite establishments, as well as just generally taking the opportunity in restaurants to mess with people, for no other reason than because he can get away with it.

Now, Murray has a new food-themed plan to sew chaos. Along with some of his brothers, Murray plans to open the Murray Bros Caddyshack Restaurant in Rosemont, Chicago.

Yes, that’s right, Billy Murray is opening a restaurant based on Caddyshack. That ought to be fun.

In fairness, there is already a Caddyshack restaurant owned by Murray and his family in Florida, but extending the chain (which has the slogan “Eat, Drink, and by Murray”) to Chicago means introducing it to a brand new group of diners who’ll eagerly gobble up the golf-themed menu that the restaurant offers.

It probably doesn’t hurt that the food looks absolutely amazing.

This is not a small endeavor, nor does it look like it’ll be a flash-in-the-pan pop-up affair. Murray has signed a deal that’ll bring his restaurant to  Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Convention Center – the expansive venue that has been chosen will seat up to 265 people at a time, and will employ over a hundred staff members.

Clearly, Murray’s not underestimating the appeal of a Caddyshack restaurant that comes certified by the movie’s star.

The restaurant is scheduled to open in December, and if the Florida chain is anything to go by, it should prove a resounding success with fans of Bill Murray and his various contributions to cinema.

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