Dude Asks Twitter To Buy Him Birthday Drinks, But It Hilariously Backfires

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Meet Nick.

Last week, Nick had himself a birthday celebration in Sheffield, England, at Wetherspoons, a chain of pubs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Because humans will soon not be necessary to carry out any task, Wetherspoons (or “Spoons” as its affectionately known) has an app with which customers in the establishment—or anywhere, for that matter—can order food and drink to a table inside.

So his friend Rory called upon Twitter to aid Nick’s celebration with drinks via the app.

Some took Rory up on the request. The birthday boy was treated to some sincerely kind gifts.

Others were not as generous.

The glass of milk was such an inspired choice, it just led to more. As well as another non-alcoholic Beck’s.

(Though, eventually, the crew didn’t appear to mind the peas so much.)

In the end, some and perhaps all of Rory and Nick’s tormenters identified themselves.

The internet remains undefeated.