Burger King to Debut Milkshakes Flavored Like This Popular Breakfast Cereal

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Burger King)

Burger King is working hard to bring in new customers, and the restaurant chain may have just found the perfect way to do so: milkshakes flavored like breakfast cereal.

While it’s not set in stone just yet, a rumors that’s been circulated by Grub Grade suggests that the home of the Whopper may soon begin selling milkshakes in a partnership with Froot Loops, which feature the popular breakfast food’s official branding.

These rumors suggest that the cereal milkshake will go on sale on April 17, meaning that if this is something you’re interested in, if the rumors prove true, you won’t have long to wait until you can chase a burger down with a big drink of Froot Loops fozen slush.

Source: Kellogg's

If this does prove to be the case, it’ll be a significant boon to Burger King, at a time when cereal based frozen milk treats are gaining popularity. Last month, Ben and Jerry’s debuted a new range of ice creams that are flavored like cereal milk, but these lack official branding from a pre-existing cereal company.

With Burger King poised to potentially start selling an official Froot Loops frozen treat, demand will be high among lovers of cereal and milkshakes alike, if only for the initial novelty value of the experience.

We’ll have to wait and see whether this proves true, but if Burger King don’t already have plans for these milkshakes, you can bet they’re working t make them a reality after these rumors have begun driving buzz.