Burger King Employee Quits Job, Takes All the Nuggets With Him

Olivia Jakiel
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

Once in a while, we hear true stories of bravery, sacrifice, and inspiration that shake us to our core—a man breaking through a frozen lake to rescue a drowning puppy, a group of people banding together to lift a fiery car off of someone stuck underneath. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those stories.

A disgruntled Burger King employee took the term “vigilante” to the next level when he stole all of the fast food restaurant’s chicken nuggets on his last day of work.



And, of course, this happened in Florida, because where else would someone do something like this?

Twitter users didn’t hesitate to show their support for the former Burger King employee, with some people even calling him a “true American hero” who’s “fighting obesity in America.” Unfortunately, the kid just took down his Twitter account, so you can no longer view what any of his like-minded supporters were saying. 

No word on whether or not Burger King is going to take action against the Florida student, but what can they really do? Sue him for the, like, seven dollars worth of nuggets that he stole? And what exactly did he do with them? Can we also note that he put the nuggets' safety first and buckled them into the passenger seat? Also, was that seriously their entire stash of nuggets?

Anyway, I’m going to guess that if this dude ever applies to work in the fast food industry again, he might have a hard time getting a job when he’s branded a nugget thief. 

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