Burger King’s Black Buns Will Turn Your Poop Green

Malcolm Freberg
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Is anyone really surprised?

Burger King rolled out black buns nationwide last week, ostensibly to get in the Halloween spirit. Or perhaps it was to freak people the f*ck out in the bathroom. Maybe both.

Loyal subjects of the King have inundated social media with complaints that the dyed-black burgers have, in turn, dyed their poop green. Apparently the high levels of food coloring aren't being fully processed by the average glutton's digestive system, leaving a TMNT-themed surprise at the bottom of the toilet bowl.

I shit you not. 

Though according to some, the cost is worth the reward:

Burger King is yet to comment, but expect their PR department — who kick ass, btw — to announce this was all part of the plan. Introducing Halloween Poo! The Ultimate Spooky Doo Doo!

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