Burger King’s ‘Fast Food Spa’ Lets You Treat Yo Self Like Royalty


(Photo: Facebook)

Burger King has just opened a “fast food spa” and we’re not sure how to feel. Located on the ground floor of one of its restaurants in Helsinki, Finland, the new concept boasts two steaming saunas where patrons can eat, unwind, and sweat out Burger King menu items inside of a Whopper-themed room. Sound relaxing? Appetizing? None of the above?! Don’t worry; we’re just as confused.

Accommodations for the burger chain’s new spa can be made through Finland hotel reservation website Restel, and the venue is said to be ideal for birthday parties, social gatherings, and even work meetings—you know, for when you want to get sh*t done, eat Burger King, and simultaneously sweat with your friends and coworkers all at the same time.

One sauna can host a capacity of 15 people and contains a 55-inch television with a PlayStation 4, while another, more intimate sauna holds 10 people and includes a 48-inch screen and media center. Visitors of both saunas have access to Burger King’s showers, dressing rooms and toilets that come furnished with custom Burger King bath towels fit for spa royalty.


In addition to its “unique sauna experience,” Burger King food orders can be made on site, with the option of enjoying your meal in the fast food chain’s restaurant section or in the sauna itself. Rentals for the sauna begin at € 250 for three hours, with more detailed information about rates being available on Restel’s reservation website. From the looks of it, spots at Burger King’s new spa are filling up surprisingly fast!