Burger King’s New Whopperrito Served with Side of Desperation

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV / Instagram @grubgrade)

All is weird in the world when Burger King decides to add a “Whopperrito” to its menu! Currently being tested at select stores in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, the new Whopper-burrito hybrid appears to be the chain’s latest attempt to stay relevant among rising competition from other fast food chains.

Coming exactly as it sounds, the Whopperrito possesses every ingredient included in a regular Whopper, except its wrapped burrito-style instead of in a hamburger bun. With chunks of flame-grilled beef, mayo, ketchup, tomato, onion, pickles, lettuce and cheese, the bizarre new menu item sounds like a regurgitation of the chain’s famous burger neatly sheathed in a flour tortilla. 


Whopper+Burrito = New Whopperrito from Burger King #fastfood #burgerking #whopperrito

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Along with the Whopperrito, Burger King announced the release of a Whopper Dog last month that includes a flame-grilled hot dog made with all the regular Whopper fixings, served on a fluffy baked bun. While the burger-inspired hot dog sounds a little more forgiving, we’re not sure we can get behind the burger chain’s latest Mexican innovation — it just sounds plain wrong.

So far the Whopperrito hasn’t made any appearances on social media, possibly proving the Pennsylvania test run isn’t panning out the way the chain had originally hoped for, and providing nationwide patrons a little relief.

Hopefully Burger King gets their identity crisis figured out soon—if not, their fast food spa in Finland sounds like a good place to unwind.