This Cake Made of Meat Is What’s Been Missing From Your Birthday Parties

Matthew Loffhagen
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Cake is great, nobody is denying that.

But have you ever wondered whether cake could be improved? If, with the right ingredients, the enjoyable experience of eating a delicious cake could be combined with the satisfaction of a good steak?

Well wonder no more, because enterprising Japanese chefs (yes, of course this is an idea from Japan) have begun popularizing the meat cake that you never realized you were missing out on.

Served primarily at yakiniku restaurants, which serve a variety of meat dishes, these meat cakes are designed as a fun and thematically appropriate way to celebrate the birthday of a diner who attends the restaurants.



The cakes are initially presented to birthday celebrators raw, before being disassembled by chefs and cooked live in front of diners – because ultimately, what’s the fun in attending a yakiniku restaurant if you don’t get a chef to play with fire in front of you while you’re eating?

Considering the growing popularity of these cakes across Japan, it’s only a matter of time before Stateside yakiniku restaurants start offering similar services, so look forward to ordering one of these the next time it’s your birthday.



And to any vegetarian who might have accidentally wandered into this article without knowing what they were getting themselves into, we’re sorry.

We’re really, really sorry.

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