This California Mall Just Got a Permanent Hello Kitty Café

Matthew Loffhagen
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Pop-up restaurants can be heartbreaking.

One minute you’re enjoying delicious chunks of meat at a Game of Thrones themed eatery, and the next, your new favorite food place has disappeared forever.

Thankfully, residents of Santa Anita, California don’t have to suffer through the pain of enjoying a Hello Kitty pop-up restaurant for a month before pining for it for the rest of their lives. The Westfield mall in Santa Anita will now play host to a Hello Kitty café that’s become a permanent fixture, meaning that it won’t be going anywhere.

Source: Kristie Hang

This is fantastic news for anyone who enjoys delicious lattes, teas, and baked goods, all of which are decorated with the face of a bow-wearing cartoon animal. The new café is an extension of a pair of Hello Kitty food trucks that tour California’s beaches, and it’s the hope of owner Allen Tea that the new permanent fixture will provide a special, secret surprise that will “throw people off…in a good way”.

We have no idea what that means, but considering the wealth of Hello Kitty products that exist, it could be anything from wine to sushi.

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