Can We Take a Minute to Appreciate Texas’ Portion Sizes?

Ross Gardiner
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There are a lot of people out there trying to diddle with our Gawd-given liberties. They tell us we shouldn’t drive a truck with more than four wheels, that we can’t smoke cigarettes around our kids, that we should stop putting dead animals inside dead animals inside dead animals. Pffft. There are too many rules on what we can and can’t do these days. Whatever happened to blissful ignorance?

These carrot-crunchers will have you believing that eating 60oz of meat isn’t good for you! Can you believe that? Men eat meat. Real men eat meat until they’re swollen in the belly and clogged in the colon. And if there’s one group of people that knows a thing or two about excess, it’s the Texans. They’re not diddling down. They love big.

We’re going to pay homage to the ‘bigger means better’ Texas mentality by stopping for a moment to consider the Lone Star’s portion sizes:


Behold, the 72oz steak:

Image via The Big Texan

A pizza with a circumfrence larger than a four-year-old’s height:

Image via Flickr: Texan

Buckets of Pho:

Image via Bistro B

A hot dog longer than my…arm:

Image via Texas Food Challenges

A sandwich that looks like it comes to life at night and eats people:

Image via Texas Food Challenges

The mighty fried chicken steak:

Image via Texas Food Challenges

This is from a place called the Little Bitty Burger Barn:

Image via Little Bitty Burger Barn

While this may not be a single person’s portion, we can’t know for sure:

Image via Flickr: Texan

Hell yeah. Stone Cold’s wedding cake:

Image via
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