Carl’s Jr Decides to Go Au Naturel

Josh Schaffer
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Fast food chain restaurants aren't known for having the best track record when it comes to healthy, environmentally sound food and practices, but Carl's Jr is looking to change that with The All-Natural Burger that is hormone, antibiotic and steroid-free made from grass-fed, free-range beef. – Huff Po

Do you like Sriracha? How about beer? Have you ever thought of combining Sriracha with beer? Well Rogue Ales who have collaborated with Voodoo Donuts and celebrity Chef Masaharu Morimoto has worked it's magic on the hot sauce company to create Sriracha Hot Stout Beer. We're definitely curious to try this for ourselves and review. – Foodbeast

If you're going to make a show about Portland, food is definitely going to play a part, and "Portlandia" has even gone so far as to put out a cookbook. Check out stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as they discuss how Portlandia approaches food. – Eater

So Thrillist isn't exactly Michelin, but they still know where to find some of the best food, drinks and entertainment in the country, and now they've put out their list of the 21 best new restaurants in America. – Thrillist

The Old Fashioned isn't all that old when you think about it. It came about in the 1880's based on an earlier definition of the word "cocktail" from 1806, but people have been imbibing some exceptional concoctions far before then. Here are five colonial-era cocktails that would do any revolutionary proud. – Punch

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