CDC Says Chipotle Outbreak Is Over, Doesn’t Know What Caused It

Logan Rapp
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

It is time to rejoice, because the CDC has declared the E. coli outbreak across Chipotle Mexican Grill chains is over. And to celebrate that fact, I'm writing this article while enjoying a barbacoa burrito bowl (YES WITH GUAC). 

I'm currently not dead yet, putting my trust into the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but I really just wanted some Chipotle and it was going to happen today, so. 


Twenty-two people were hospitalized in the first two outbreaks of the bacteria, which the FDA and the Food Safety and Inspection Service were investigating across several states. 

With the investigation declared over, the question that lingers is what actually caused the outbreaks. While investigators believe it was a single ingredient, it's still unknown which one it was, and the CDC doesn't really think they'll ever find out


Basically, the investigation stopped when the outbreaks stopped, meaning everyone just kind of shrugged their shoulders, went, "Well, no one's getting sick anymore," and shuffled off. After its stock dropped 30 points at the onset of the outbreak, Chipotle stocks rose 4 points after the announcement, with plans to begin a large marketing campaign to pull back customers who moved on to Chick-fil-a (Why?), Wendy's, and others. 

Considering that I haven't died yet today, I think it's pretty safe to say we're going to be okay. I still don't have abs, though, so that's disappointing. 

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