This Cheese-Chocolate Easter Egg Contains a Delicious Secret Ingredient

Matthew Loffhagen
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With Easter drawing near, various snack food companies around the world are hard at work producing a range of novelty chocolate eggs for adults to pretend they’re buying for their children.

Let’s face it – the majority of all the chocolate eggs in the world are consumed by the grown-ups. We’re the only ones with the money to buy eggs, and we don’t have anyone telling us to stop eating after we start feeling sick.

As if to make the issue of nausea at this time of year all the more pronounced, British supermarket chain Iceland (as confusing as that might be for the name of a convenience store in a country whose geographic location is currently the subject of political debate) has announced that this year, they’ll be selling Easter Eggs that are made of both cheese and chocolate.

Source: Ford Farm

But before you start vomiting at the thought of such an abomination, there are two key elements within this cheesy, chocolatey egg that you should be aware of.

First, the egg uses white chocolate, rather than milk or dark chocolate. The creamier taste of white chocolate curls goes better with the cheese – or so Iceland claims.

Secondly, the egg also contains raspberry flavoring, which suddenly turns the entire affair into a fruity cheese adventure. This, then, makes the entire thing sound more appetizing, as a combination of sweet and savory flavors is bound together by the sharp, distinctive raspberry undertone.

At least, that’s the theory. Unless you know anyone in Britain willing to send you a cheese egg in the mail, this bizarre creation can be consigned to the bargain bin of terrible UK food ideas, alongside mushy peas and spotted dick.

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