Cheeto Flavored Macarons are The Cheesy Dessert That’s Been Missing From Your Life

Matthew Loffhagen
Instagram/Macaron Parlour
(Photo: Instagram/Macaron Parlour)

Cheetos have been showing up in all kinds of weird places lately – such as the new Chuck E Cheese pizza that comes topped with delicious crunchy snacks.

If that didn’t sound bizarre enough, Macaron Parlour in New York City has created a sweet treat that apparently tastes like “Cheetos infused white chocolate ganache and cheese dust”.

These weird Cheeto macarons were first dreamed up when their creator, Christina Ha, first came across cheese powder, and realized the potential that this dusty ingredient could provide for her macarons.

According to Cosmo, these things aren’t even all that bad:

“The shell of the macaron has the same delicious almond flour-meringue base as a traditional macaron, only it’s dyed an electric orange to look like Cheetos. The filling is where things get a ‘lil cray.”

Apparently the insides taste like cheddar, which probably isn’t everybody’s idea of a good time when they’re enjoying a macaron, but it’s hard to argue with the appeal of trying a bizarre mix of flavors.


If I were a food, I’d be a Cheetos macaron. #lifechanger 🙌🏾

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This isn’t a completely unprecedented invention. One of the many places that Cheetos have been popping up lately included a restaurant called The Spotted Cheetah that served a variety of different meals that came with a cheesy theme.

That said, The Spotted Cheetah didn’t try anything as controversial as making a cheese-flavored desert, so Macaron Parlour deserves credit (or criticism, depending on your tastes) for its bold attempts to make Cheetos a sweet dish.

But hey, don’t bash this invention until you try it. Who knows? It might just be your new favorite macaron flavor.