Chick-fil-A Is Now Offering Unsolicited Diet Advice to Their Customers

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV / Chick-Fil-A)

In recent health news that you probably never saw coming, Chick-fil-A has jumped on the “New year, new you” bandwagon and is offering custumers guidance on how to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. The catch? (Because there’s always a catch when a fast food chain tries to feed you unsolicited advice.) It involves eating an eight-pack of chicken nuggets every three to four hours!

While I’ll admit I’ve been a fan of the popular chicken chain since childhood (Their waffle fries? Omgz), I can’t say that eating chicken nuggets every three to four hours is worth stomaching. The health tip gained notoriety after Rodger Sherman, a contributor over at SB Nation, tweeted a picture of the “Great Ideas For Healthier Living” panel he found on the side of a Chick-fil-A take out bag:

Sherman’s tweet has since been re-tweeted over 1,000 times, with other Twitter users chiming in on the new diet trend as well: 

In addition to consuming an eight-pack of chicken nuggets every three to four hours, Chick-fil-A tells customers to balance the nugs with more profound advice—a daily form of physical activity: “If you know you’re going to splurge during the day, make sure you balance it with more exercise.” 

Chick-fil-A’s website even hosts its own “Dining & Exercise Tips” page, where exercise suggestions include having a picnic and initiating a game of Ultimate Frisbee, and playing “a game of tag,” because, well: “We are never too old to play tag!”

While an eight-pack of grilled chicken nuggets contains just 140 calories, it also contains 23 grams of highly processed protein and 530 milligrams of sodium, which is 20% of the recommended daily intake. In summary, I think it’s safe to say we should all be taking Chick-fil-A’s diet advice with a grain of salt!

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