If You’re A Fan Of Chicken Nuggets, Here Is The Perfect Job For You


Who said dream jobs don’t exist? If you are a fan of eating junk food, you might be in luck. The British-based retailer B&M is looking to hire a “Chicken Nugget Connoisseur.” So you’d better update your resume and send over an application ASAP. Because I’m sure this position will be filled quicker than you can eat chicken nuggets.

B&M posted on their website all of the requirements needed to aptly qualify for the position. And it’s more complicated than you might think. It isn’t as simple as, “Must love chicken nuggets.” There are actual requirements for the job.

After looking at that application, I don’t know how many people will actually want the gig. That’s a long list of requirements for someone who is job is to eat a bunch of chicken nuggets, right? Just hand over the nugs!

Still interested? The position appears to be still open. Score this job and you can eat all the nuggets your little heart desires (or can stand to take). Just make sure you take a life insurance policy out, before you accept an offer. It can’t be good for you to eat a ton of chicken nuggets.

But, damn, they do look tasty…