Chuck E Cheese Just Combined Cheetos and Pizza, and the Result is Mouthwateringly Delicious

Matthew Loffhagen
Chuck E Cheese
(Photo: Chuck E Cheese)

Chuck E Cheese is known far and wide as the perfect combination of everything that ten year olds love more than anything else.

So how do you improve on perfection? If your business already offers pizza, video games, and terrifying animatronics all under the same roof, what more could your young customers possibly want?

The answer, apparently, is a pizza that’s topped with delicious Cheetos.

The newest addition to the Chuck E Cheese menu will be with us initially until January, although in all fairness, that could change should this particular meal be a hit.

Not only is the pizza covered in a thick layer of delicious melted cheese, but it’s also topped with mac ‘n’ cheese, upon which rests a generous portion of crunchy Cheetos.


There’s cheesy, cheesier, but is there cheesiest? Stay tuned.

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You certainly cant’s say that Chuck E Cheese is a poorly named restaurant – that’s three classic forms of cheese, all combined together in such a way that no child of any age could possibly resist.

Unless, of course, you’re lactose intolerant, or a vegan. If so, maybe skip this pizza.

For those of us who do get to enjoy all the wonders of gooey melted cheese, it’s worth trying this thing out before its initial window of availability closes. The more customers buy the Mac ‘n’ Cheetos Pizza, the more likely it’ll be that Chuck E Cheese decides it’s worth keeping the menu option around into next year.

The only challenge you might have is living down the awkwardness of attending the restaurant by yourself, without any kids in tow. Sure, that behavior looks suspicious, but if you calmly explain to everyone involved that you’re just there for the delicious cheese-on-cheese-on-cheese action, the restaurant staff will understand.

Plus, if you happen to end up playing some of the arcade machines as well, no harm done. There’s nothing wrong with being an adult who loves pizza and video games – especially if you’re also munching on Cheetos.