Coca-Cola Is Being Sued for False Advertising of Unhealthy Drinks

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Getty)

Sugar is addictive and unhealthy.

We all know that by now – at least, in an abstract fashion.

What we often don’t think about, though is the long-term harmful effects that sugary food and drink can have on our bodies, and particularly, on those who grow up being exposed to marketing that downplays the importance of a genuinely healthy diet.

The Center for Science and Public Interest has had enough of this, and they’re going after one of the worst offenders when it comes to misleading advertising of sugary junk: Coca-Cola.

In a new lawsuit against the drinks giant, the CSPI argues that:

“Each year, Coca-Cola spends billions of dollars on misleading and deceptive promotions and advertising that have enormous appeal to consumers, including children, which advertising effects persist over years.”

This argument particularly comes down to focusing on advertising from Coke which claims that, if you consume too much sugar, it’s easy to counter its effects by performing more exercise. In reality, scientific research has found that there’s no substitute for a healthy diet, and that many of Coke’s most sugary products leave lasting negative effects on the body that can’t be cured by the simple use of a treadmill.

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This court battle is going to be one for the ages, as Coke has a lot riding on their continued advertising of sugar delivery systems to children. Expect a hard fought war on both sides, as the full force of Coca-Cola’ legal team descends on the CSPI in an attempt to discredit an organization whose soul purpose is promoting public health.

In most cases, it’s wrong to take sides in a legal battle like this when precedings are in such and early stage.

Bear in mind, though, that scientific evidence already proves that McDonald’s is willfully misrepresenting the effects of their highly addictive and dangerously unhealth products when advertising to children.

All that remains is to see whether legal experts will come to the same conclusion as the scientists.