Coca-Cola Changed Coke Zero, and Fans Are Pissed

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Coca-Cola)

Coca-Cola has changed countless beverage formulas since the company‘s inception in 1886. Some of these changes were met with great glee (or maybe just sugar highs), while others left Coke fans crushing cans in anger.

File the new Coke Zero, now called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, under the latter.

“Now, through advanced in-house innovation and more than a year of market testing, Coke Zero is getting a new name, new look and even more delicious taste,” the beverage giant wrote on its website.

“Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is the new and improved Coke Zero. We’ve made the great taste of Coke Zero even better by optimizing the unique blend of flavors that gave Coke Zero its real Coca-Cola taste. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is our best-tasting zero-sugar Coca-Cola yet, and it will be available across America in August.”

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar came out in 27 other countries, including Great Britain and Mexico, before it came to the United States, where it’s hit some shelves ahead of its supposed August debut.

American fans who have gotten a hold of it were, for the most part, displeased, as were those who have yet to get their hands on the update.

“We’re confident that loyal Coke Zero fans will love the new-and-improved recipe, and that fans of original Coca-Cola looking to reduce their sugar intake will want to try it, too,” wrote.

Think again.

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