Coca-Cola Japan Introduces the Coke That’s Actually Good for You


It’s no secret that drinking Coke is about as healthy crunching on a brick of sugar for an hour.

That’s, of course, to say nothing of the artificial additives in the popular drink, or the fact that carbonation in and of itself isn’t great for your digestive system.

So when Coca-Cola Japan announces that their new drink, Coca-Cola Plus, is not only healthier than existing versions of the drink, but also actually has significant health benefits, it’s easy to scoff.

And yet, this is exactly what Coca-Cola is claiming. While the company is hesitant to label Coke Plus as an actual health drink (this would require stricter product testing under Japanese law), they have labelled it as a drink with specific health benefits.

The drink contains zero calories, and no artificial ingredients, which is in itself an improvement on the vast majority of Coca-Cola products.

What’s more, though, Coca-Cola Plus contains dextrin and other dietary fibers, which Coke claims helps regulate fat absorption after meals, helping the body to maintain healthy triglyceride levels within the blood.

Coca-Cola Plus is the latest in a long line of healthy colas which are popular in Japan at the moment – Pepsi Special, for example, boasts very similar health benefits to its drinkers.

If all this sounds too good to be true, bear in mind that something’s got to give. Either Coke has overstated the health benefits of their drink, or what this new cola gains in health benefits, it loses in taste.

Or, more likely, both.