Coca Cola Made a Bottle That Takes Selfies

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: )

Ever wanted to take a selfie while drinking Coke, but weren’t sure how to do it?

If your goals in life follow this very specific line of thought, good news: Coca-Cola has finally heard your cries, and released a new bottle that contains a camera, for this exact purpose.

In what is no doubt an idea from the same team that created the “Share a Coke with” ad campaign, Coca-Cola Israel produced a few special bottles over the past summer which are fitted with a camera and a tiltmeter, meaning that the bottle takes a photo every time it’s tilted to beyond a 70 degree angle, capturing a photo of the drinker.

These bottles are in short supply and haven’t been made commercially available, but judging by the way the internet has reacted to the news, it’s likely only a matter of time before Coke makes these weird contraptions more widely available – even if they don’t take the most flattering of photos (it’s hard for anyone to look good from that angle while chugging a Coke).

For those who’d like a more flattering alternative, one company has 3D printed a special top for Coke bottles that provides a clip for smartphones, turning the bottles into selfie sticks that double up as refreshment for a night out.

Or, alternatively, you could just drink your Coke and take photos afterwards. But where’s the fun in that?