Competitive Eater Furious Pete Eats 100 Fries in a Single Bite

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

Peter Czerwinski didn't earn the nickname "Furious Pete" because he's an angry man that prefers breivty.

No, the moniker fell to him due to the endless rapidity with which the competitive eater consumes food.

Among his numerous accomplishments in the listed in the Guinness World Records, Furious Pete holds world-best marks for eating a whole raw onion in 43.53 seconds, consuming 17 bananas in two minutes, scarfing 15 hamburgers in 10 minutes, chugging a 750-milliliter bottle of olive oil in one minute, and downing 17 Jaffa Cakes in one minute.

These impressive feats are nothing when compared to the most challenging struggle of his life—overcoming cancer, twice.

So it's no surprise Czerwinski was able to accomplish the latest challenge posed to him on his YouTube page: eat 100 French fries in a single bite. 

Although he loses a few soldiers along the way and wavers for a moment, Furious Pete emerges victorious, and you'll emerge impressed.