A Completely Necessary New App Tells You Where to Find the Nearest Burrito


(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

Because the key to life is happiness, and happiness can be found in a burrito, a crucial new app has been created that tells you where to find the nearest burrito! Seriously—why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

Created by an enthused burrito fanatic who goes by the name of “HTMLlama” on Reddit, My Burrito Finder is a web app that allows users to punch in their location by city or zip code and like magic maps out all the restaurants offering burritos in the neighborhood. The burrito finder displays location pins on Google Maps and includes a Yelp sidebar with restaurant reviews, among other important information you need when searching for the perfect burrito.

Dubbed the “Google Maps” of burritos, this incredible solution to life limits the number of Chipotles and Taco Bells that appear on the app, and most of the restaurants listed include no less than four Yelp stars. The app is also international, so you can use it while traveling abroad to places like Canada, the UK, and even Asia!

To be matched with your nearest burrito, or to just look for fun, visit MyBurritoFinder.com and get to searchin'.