Watch This Dude Inhale 13 Pounds of Milk and Cookies


(Photo: YouTube)

Matt Stonie is a legend in the realm of competitive eating, a world that is, like many of its stars‘ stomachs, expanding. This past weekend, the No. 2 ranked competitive eater in Major League Eating set his talents for consumption on something that, if you’re like me, you remember gobbling by the mouthful at a young age: milk and cookies. Specifically, Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies.

He filmed himself eating 203 of the Nabisco treats, which have been lining the insides of gleeful consumers’ stomachs since 1963. All those cookies and a gallon of milk amounted to about 13 pounds and 12,800 calories’ worth of the after-school classic, according to his YouTube posting, and he scarfed it all in 27 minutes.

According to Wikipedia, Stonie holds 22 world records for eating. One of those: eating 255 Peeps in five minutes, a feat he accomplished in April.

Here are the rest of his records, again, according to the eminently reliable Wikipedia: