Give Me A Break: Cough Drop Kit Kats Now Exist


Even for Japan, a nation that might produce the world’s most interesting desserts, the latest creation from Kit Kat Japan is pretty perplexing: cough drop-flavored Kit Kats.

Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji, or Cough Drop Kit Kats, contain actual throat lozenge powder, which is mixed into layers of white chocolate in the candy bars.

“Introducing the Kit Kat cough drop flavor!” Kit Kat Japan wrote on Twitter, along with a hashtag that translates to “Kit Kat wishes do come true.”

Boxes of Cough Drop Kit Kats will hit shelves in Japan on September 10 and will be available for a limited time.

Gracing the box of the chocolate bars is former soccer player and manager Yasutaro Matsuki, who’s now a commentator noted for his enthusiasm. Cough Drop Kit Kats are being marketed to sports fans who need something to soothe their throats during and after a day of cheering.

According to Rocket News:

Each box, which contains three individually wrapped Kit Kats, features an image of Matsuki yelling out “It’s one more point! Another point!!” alongside a slogan that reads “There’s a battle there that most definitely can’t be lost”, as a nod to the fact that Kit Kat is pronounced “Kitto Katsu” in Japan, which literally translates to “Surely Win”.

Japan is home to a bunch of wild Kit Kat flavors, such sake, wasabi, purple sweet potato, and melon and cheese.

According to Kit Kat Japan’s website, the nation is the world’s second-largest consumer of Kit Kats.