This Craft Beer’s Recipe Was Crowdsourced From Facebook Statuses & Tweets


(Photo: OBSEV / Digital Trends)

If you’ve ever wondered what the sweet taste of 2016 is like, look no further than the world’s first ever beer, 0101, brewed by data from social media!

Havas Helia, a British marketing agency whose mission is to “use data, technology, intuition and creativity to connect people to brands in a meaningful way,” wanted to create a craft beer that encapsulated the positive feelings that are commonly associated with the New Year.

In order to do this, data scientists analyzed thousands of New Year’s-related messages from Twitter and Facebook (nothing screams 2016 more than this) to determine the top emotional key words associated with the holiday. Their findings? Amazement, generosity, excitement, happiness, love, joy, and good cheer were among the top emotions.

Havas Helia then used IBM’s Watson technology to analyze 2,800 beer recipes and tie them to human characteristics. From there, they compiled a list of the top 10 beers that matched the New Year’s emotions, and created the recipe for 0101 based on the list of beers' top ingredients.

So, what was the end result of the crowd-sourced beer? The answer is a fine-tasting cream ale, with notes of honey and Hallertaur, which correlate with excitement, love and cheerfulness!  

According to Steven Bennett-Day, Executive Creative Director of Havas Helia, “Since this project I’ve dreamt of opening a bar where the more you drink, the happier you become. Ideas like food made for the emotions felt at a dance festival, clothes that respond to how a city is feeling… this beer is proof it’s a reality right now. It’s how we connect the creative thinkers with creative data understanding and human interests.”

If you were looking to get your hands on 0101, unfortunately, you can’t. It was created in a limited edition run of 500 bottles, and they were only sent out to the company’s favorite people and clients who are interested in creativity and data. Until next year!