Customers Are Suing This Potato Chip Company for Committing the Worst Snack Crime Ever

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Twitter)

Before we get too far into this article, it’s important to note that there is a purpose behind the air in bags of potato chips.

The air in question is nitrogen, and it’s designed to keep chips fresh, while also helping to cushion your tasty snacks in transit so that by the time they arrive at your mouth, they’re not just a river of crumbs and broken dreams.

That said, it’s no secret that some chip companies take things too far, overfilling their bags with air in order to make them look more full and appealing, while secretly only containing a handful of chips.

Now, though, the people are in revolt. We will no longer stand for such an offense, and one company in particular is being singled out as the worst offender in a lawsuit against Wise Chips.

A lawsuit filed in New York claims that Wise only fill their bags a third of the way full with chips, using the rest of the space for air, in a way that means the company is guilty of false advertising.

The photos connected to the lawsuit are pretty damning by themselves. It’s hard to argue that these bags are justifiable in their size considering the number of chips per bag.

With any luck, this lawsuit could mean justice for the many chip fans who’ve been cruelly taken advantage of by unscrupulous potato snack manufacturers. Some kind of industry standard could help to ensure that we don’t suffer through more air than we need when buying chips.

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