Dairy Queen Steals Ben and Jerry’s ‘Core’ Concept for New Line of Blizzards

Tina Rivera
(Photo: Dairy Queen/Shutterstock)

From chocolate dipped cones to classic hot fudge sundaes, Dairy Queen has never failed to impress when it comes to providing us with our favorite childhood desserts. Our only complaint would be they haven’t released a new menu item in what feels like forever – however, thanks to a crazy spin on everyone’s beloved Blizzard, that’s all about to change!




The “Royal Blizzard” is being launched at Dairy Queen locations nationwide beginning today, and it basically includes a line of three amazing Blizzard flavors, except fancier. “The Royal Blizzard treat line is fit for royalty, and it’s what DQ fans expect from America’s queen,” a representative for the chain said in a press release.

Dairy Queen

The new line of treats is being offered in three mind-blowing flavors, including Royal Oreo, Royal New York Cheesecake, and Royal Rocky Road Brownie. The iconic dessert cups will now feature a delicious center made from a few of your favorite toppings.

The Royal Oreo Blizzard blends Oreo cookies with creamy vanilla soft serve, and is filled with a perfectly paired fudge center. The Royal Cheesecake includes cheesecake pieces and grahams blended with vanilla soft serve and a strawberry middle, while the Royal Rocky Road has brownies and cocoa fudge complete with a marshmallow surprise.

"This is our most significant launch since we first introduced Blizzard Treats 30 years ago,” Dairy Queen’s press release added. The Royal Blizzards are apparently so special, the chain traded their traditional red spoons for ones that are gold and sparkly.

It is no coincidence that the Royal Blizzards are being launched in conjunction with Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, taking place on April 21. Prices for Dairy Queen’s new line range from $3.49 for a mini blizzard to $5.19 for a large.

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