Date Night: McDonald’s Now Offers Table Service

Olivia Jakiel
(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

All right, let’s face it. The worst thing about McDonald’s is the fact that you have to lurk at the damn counter after you order your food like some ravenous nugget vulture that hasn’t eaten since last sundown. I don’t know about y’all, but the counter off to the side of the registers is Big Mac purgatory and it makes me anxious AF, especially when Tim and Sally from Bakersfield and their six savage kids are lingering behind me, trying to claw their way to their Happy Meals.

However, it seems that the fast food angels have finally shined their golden light on the golden arches because 600 McDonald’s franchises in Southern California will be offering table service for their customers. That’s right, TABLE SERVICE. You still have to order at the register, but now you don’t have to wait in the dreaded nugget dead zone because your food will be delivered to your table.



Can you say, “Date night?” Because that puts the fast food company right up there with places like Five Guys and The Habit. That’s some casual but not too casual quality stuff right there. I mean, In-N-Out doesn’t even offer table service and they are the fast food Mecca of cheeseburgers—McDonald’s is seriously stepping up their game.

But wait! There’s more! According to the Los Angeles Business Journal, McDonald’s will also be offering a new menu. The Taste Crafter Burgers and Chicken menu will allow customers to pair their choice of a beef patty or grilled or buttermilk fried chicken breast with a bun of their choosing: artisan, sesame, or potato.

This is the most magical McDonald’s news I’ve heard since news of the McNugget Bucket broke. 

What a time to be alive, indeed. 



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