Deceased Philly Cheesesteak Lover Takes His Favorite Sandwiches To Heaven

Lindsay Weglarz
(Photo: Philly's Best)

We all wonder what life after death is like. Will there be an endless river of chocolate flowing wherever our ghost bodies go, or buildings made out of baguettes? Richard Lussi decided that he should take matters into his own hands just in case there weren’t any cheesesteak sandwiches in the spiritual world. So the deceased cheesesteak lover took his favorite sandwiches to Heaven.

Richard knew his time was coming, so he made arrangements for his last day. The foundation of his diet was built on Philly cheesesteaks, so it only made sense that his after-life diet would stay the same. He left special instructions with his grandson, Dominic Lussi, for his final order. He wanted his favorite sandwich ferried over to him, and he told Dominic “No onions, because they’ll come back to haunt me.”


Richard’s final order was placed at Pat’s King of Steaks, a place where he was a regular customer. The store owner was sad and confused to receive an order for two sandwiches made the way Richard liked them, but with no Richard in sight. Dominic ordered two mouthwatering cheesesteak sandwiches, because his grandfather always said “If you’re going to Pat’s order two, you never just order one.”

It seems a bit odd to order two sandwiches after your passing, but Richard Lussi seemed to know what he was doing when it came to cheesesteak sandwiches. Maybe he’ll share the second sandwich with an old friend, or as the owner of Pat’s suggested, “Maybe it’s a bribe for Saint Peter.”