Delivery Truck Crash Leaves Thousands of Pizzas Dumped on Arkansas Highway

Matthew Loffhagen
Arkansas Department of Transportation
(Photo: Arkansas Department of Transportation)

Who wants pizza for dinner tonight?

If you’re thinking of grabbing a cheap slice, maybe don’t bank on getting one from off a highway overpass. You can definitely do better.

It’s a shame, because as The Simpsons has taught us, spilled sugar on the side of the road is fair game for anyone to stake a claim on – naturally, the same should be true for pizza, right?

A delivery truck carrying an enormous cargo of Tombstone and Digiorno pizzas has shed its load following a crash when the truck collided with an overpass in Mablevale, Arkansas. Thankfully, nobody was injured, but traffic did have to be shut down for a pretty hilarious reason: it turns out that frozen pizza, when smushed onto a highway, is actually really, really slippery.

Cleaning up this delicious mess has not been an easy task, with crews working to scrape as much as possible off the road to ensure that drivers won’t be left with an overly tomatoey patch of highway.

Before you ask, according to a local reporter, Winnie Wright, nobody hurried to gather up as many of these pizzas as they could lay their hands on for personal consumption.

We can all tolerate a greasy pizza, but when the grease in question comes from diesel fumes, they’re probably less than appetizing.

The crash, which occurred on Wednesday, has since been cleared, but let us all remember this important life lesson: maybe, just maybe, there really is such a thing as too much pizza.


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