Did Bon Appetit Kill the Cronut?

Brooke Newberry
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You might already be aware, but our friends at Bon Appetit may or may not have accidentally leaked a Cronut obituary yesterday at approximately 3 p.m.  The article, “EMBARGOED: Death of the Cronut, May 2013 – TK,” remained on their site unnoticed until about 9 p.m. last night.

Aside from the fact that this was an insanely long article (er, obituary), we speculate that this piece was on its way to addressing some sort of unfinished Cronut business. Along with, of course, editorial contemplation of the Bon Appetit staff budget and interns’ involvement in some shady Cronut runs. 


The second line of the article, “EMBARGOED/EDS DO NOT PUBLISH!!” also gave us a chuckle, and we really enjoyed the mention of the Cronut’s lineage in the article’s very last line. We’ll see you at the funeral, Magic Soufflé and Frissant.  So will the final edited version ever be “TK?” 



Out of solidarity we have chosen not to provide the link, because you know, everyone makes mistakes. But if you were curious, the Google universe hasn’t quite swallowed up the unfinished piece. 

So the real question is: ARE CRONUTS ALIVE OR DEAD? Or maybe the question is whether or not they ever found a “better pic?”