Disneyland Has Debuted An Unholy Union of Pizza and Cheeseburger

Matthew Loffhagen
Pizza Disney
(Photo: Pizza Disney)

The Happiest Place on Earth is known for weird food. Glowing cotton candy and mac n’ cheese pizza is just the tip of the iceberg – Disneyland is a place where your wildest food dreams can come true.

For example, what would you say to the idea of a pizza that’s also a burger?

Surely such a terrifying yet delicious creation couldn’t possibly exist anywhere in the real world. It could only be the product of Walt Disney’s foodie Doctor Frankensteins playing god with pizza.

As reported by Instagram account Cheeseaholic, Disney California Adventure Park’s Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta restaurant is serving something called a Cheeseburger Pizza, which attempts to combine the joys of eating pizza, with the equal or indeed greater joys of eating a cheeseburger.

You might assume that this is just a pizza with chunks of beef on the top, but you’d be wrong. The Cheeseburger Pizza takes itself seriously, delivering burger meat alongside all the additional extras you’d include in a solid burger – lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and “white sauce” that looks suspiciously like it belongs in a Big Mac.


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This is the real deal, an attempt to make something that is simultaneously a pizza and a burger. It’s decadent and fattening, and absolutely glorious.

It’s also, sadly, a limited edition item, gracing the Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta’s menu for just the month of September.

Considering that a single slice costs nearly $10, this might be something that you’ll just have to live without, but if you are planning to visit Disneyland California in the next week, it’s definitely worth trying this thing to see if it’s as good as it looks.

Otherwise, you can always just eat a ground beef oven pizza at home, and dream of what might have been.