Couple Faces Jail Time After Domino’s Security Camera Catches Them Boning [Extremely NSFW]


(Photo: YouTube / Poke Mon)

One couple in England went to Domino’s for a slice, and got pizza too.

Daniella Hirst, 28, and Craig Smith, 31, of Bridlington face jail time after the couple was seen by staff and security cameras going at it in the middle of the pizza chain.

“After ordering the pizza we talked about all the places we’d had sex with each other,” Hirst told the Sun back in February.

“Our top five include a bus, a van, a hotel, swimming pool and a field. We wanted to see if we could top it.

“We got a bit frisky and one thing led to another. Domino’s is definitely now our number one—going to be hard to top it.”

The footage, which was eventually uploaded online by Domino’s staff, shows the two ordering pizza before Hirst drops to her knees and goes in for a pepperoni appetizer. Then she bends over the counter before the two have sex right in front of the staff, who diligently keep working.

On September 21, Hirst and Smith were found guilty of outraging public decency and were warned they could end up in jail. They’ll be sentenced on October 17. Smith missed the hearing, as he was already in prison for another offense.

The incident has gained the pair a modicum of fame.

Months after calling her critics “f***ing boring,” Hirst was apologetic following her appearance in court.

“I regret it and if I could change it, believe me, I would. I was drunk and it was a horrible mistake,” she told the Sun.

“This isn’t me. I’m not normally like this. I was playing about with my boyfriend who I love and it got totally out of hand.

“I’m utterly mortified by it. I can’t turn the clock back. If I could, I would. I don’t blame anyone for this mess.

“The truth is the only people to blame are Craig and me. We are the ones at fault and we’re going to have to take what happens on the chin.”

There’s no maximum penalty for the crime the couple has been charged with.

“I’m very open-minded about sex and public places—I love the thrill you may get caught,” Hirst added back in February.

“But obviously I never thought we’d get caught like this and end up all over the internet.”