Domino’s Is Training Reindeer to Deliver Pizza in the Winter

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Domino's Japan.)

No one has ever accused Japan of lacking creativity in the food department—they've introduced the world to black Doritos, a McDonald's cheese-filled pork katsu burger, the Kit Kat sandwich, and concoctions that, if they were to ever come stateside, would threaten the futures of tweens everywhere: alcoholic Starbucks frappuccinos.

And now, due to an upcoming winter that's predicted to hit the nation hard, Domino's Japan is getting creative with their delivery means by turning to a creature that famously thrives in snowy, frigid conditions.

The reindeer.

Domino's Japan.

According to RocketNews24, the worldwide pizza chain is performing trials and training exercises with prospective delivery reindeer in Hokkaido, where it's "indeed very cold, to the extent that big chunks of ice float around in the Sea of Okhotsk."

The report indicates the company has openly addressed major hurdles they would need to overcome to make reindeer-delivered pizza a reality: "Can the deliveries be completed safely–you know so that no one gets stampeded to death by giant reindeer hooves? What distance can the reindeer travel to complete their deliveries? What the heck is going to happen when the reindeer encounters someone’s pet golden retriever, or cat, or turtle?"

I've got one: Are reindeer real creatures from planet Earth? Because if so they cannot be trusted alone with hot pizza unless they're being paid specifically not to eat it or are vegan.

Domino's Japan.

If they can pull it off, pretty soon you won't need to wait for Christmas and Santa Claus to receive a package you've always wanted from a reindeer.

There's a video and everything.


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