Doritos and Cheetos ‘Walking Tacos’ Let You Choose Your Own Chip Toppings

Matthew Loffhagen
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You know what’s great? Cheesy tortilla chips are great.

Crunchy Cheetos are great. Cover them in salsa, jalapenos, and cheese, and you’ve got something really special.

The problem with this experience is that you can’t always get it when you’re walking around. Short of popping into a Mexican restaurant or trying your luck with some suspicious street food, your closest experience is going to be buying some chips from a store and pretending that they’re topped with deliciousness.

Well not any more – Frito Lay has debuted a range of “Top N Go Walking Tacos”, that let you customize your own toppings when you buy them from any participating store.

The Walking Tacos come in a wider bag than most chips, so that you’re fully able to load on as much of your preferred toppings as possible, and for better ease should you wish to share your delicious snack with anyone (unlikely, but it’s a kind thought from Frito Lay nonetheless).

These delicious cheesy snacks will be available from participating stores and kiosks around the country, helping you to get a tasty nacho fix wherever you might be.

Here’s hoping the range of Top N Go chips will prove popular, and that we’ll eventually get a further variety of available crunchy snacks to douse in cheese.