Dying Grandma Requests Whopper as Last Meal


(Photo: obsev / burger king)

If you could pick one last meal, what would it be? We’ve all run this hypothetical scenario through our heads. Some, like me, would go all out on a veritable feast of cuisines. Sushi, steak, pizza, and Mexican would all somehow make their way into my gullet before my impending demise.

Others, like Brenda Traxler of Grandville, Michigan, take a simpler but nonetheless elegant approach to last meals.

The beloved grandmother ended her half-year battle with stage-four lung cancer recently, but not before making one final meal request: a double meat whopper from Burger King.


Traxler’s daughter, Jacki Traxler, remembers her mom, who she called “the best person in the whole world,” enjoying those burgers for as long as she could remember.

"Ever since she was pregnant with me and my sister Jodi, she made my dad go out in a snow storm and get double meat Whoppers when she was pregnant," she told FOX 2 in St. Louis.

When Brenda made that final meal request at four in the morning, Jacki had a surprisingly difficult time fulfilling the order. After being told by three BK franchises that they weren’t serving the signature sandwich at that hour, she made one final call to a fourth location and lucked out.

After explaining the situation, the workers at the final establishment agreed to make her the burger and even added a sweet note to the order that said “You go girl. Wooo!! Get well soon.”

Brenda remarked to her daughter that it was the best Whopper she’d had in her entire life.

She passed two days later but Jacki felt some semblance of peace from being able to fulfill her mother’s dying wish.

“She passed away with what she loved and that was a double meat Whopper.”