Edible Oreo Cookie Dough Is Finally Real, Here’s Where To Get It

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

What does an Oreo taste like in that magical sweet spot of a cookie’s life, between the commencement of its existence—when it’s just a twinkle in the eye of an inspired baker armed with eggs and flour—and their solidifying in the oven into a full-grown adult disc of sweetness? What I’m trying to say is, what does Oreo cookie dough taste like?

The good people at the Cookie Dough Café apparently have the answer—as the Illinois-based cookie dough purveyors have teamed up with “America’s Favorite Cookie” to create edible Oreo cookie dough for mass consumption. Thrillist confirmed as much this week after junk-food scoop artist @thejunkfoodaisle uncovered a jar of the good stuff (well, we’re assuming it’s good, because, again, it’s Oreo cookie dough) on Monday.


The Cookie Dough Café Oreo Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough! Found at: Mariano’s #thejunkfoodaisle

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For now, it’s only available for purchase at Mariano’s grocery stores in the Chicago area. But on August 23, you won’t need proximity to the Windy City to get your lips on some Oreo cookie dough—on that date and beyond, it’ll be available on the Cookie Dough Café’s website.

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