8-Year-Old Boy Drives His Younger Sister to McDonald’s for a Burger

Joe Welkie
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Two Ohio parents had to pick up their eight-year-old son and four-year-old daughter from a local police station after the boy decided to drive himself and his sister to McDonald's for a burger. The boy learned how to drive via YouTube, and apparently he was pretty good at it.

East Palestine officer Jacob Koehler said the boy was quite impressive behind the wheel, as he didn't damage his father's car, or anyone else's. But police still received a ton of calls from locals about a boy behind the wheel of a car. Little did they know, he just wanted some McDonald's.

When the boy pulled into the drive-thru, the McDonald's employees thought it was a prank. They expected to see the boy's parents in the back or something, but no, just the boy and his sister. They intended on paying for the meal with their pocket money, but soon were at the center of controversy.

When the police arrived at the McDonald's, the kids started crying, explaining they just wanted some cheeseburgers. No charges were filed against the parents, who were asleep when the kids decided to take their joyride.

Thankfully no one was hurt during the drive, and it all worked out. I'm sure the parents of those kids will keep a closer eye on their car keys from now on.

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