Evangelical Patron Fools Waiter With Fake $20 Tip

Tina Rivera
(Photo: obsev / CaseyMartin / Shutterstock)

A waiter in Kansas is seriously upset after one patron left him a religious message wrapped in a fake $20 bill as a tip.

According to FOX8, Garret Wayman, a 17-year-old high school student and self-proclaimed server who “busts his ass” at the Mulvane DK, was ecstatic when he found a neatly folded $20 bill under the ketchup bottle of a table he just finished serving.

His happiness soon mutated into deep frustration when he unfolded the bill and realized it was not, in fact, real cash, but a religious message left by the “do-gooder” patron—umm, what?!

“Getting a $20 tip at the restaurant I work at is very, very rare,” Wayman told Tech Insider. Clearly pissed, Wayman took to Twitter to air his annoyance with the world. His message has since been retweeted over 5,000 times.

The headline of the religious message reads, “Don’t be fooled! There is something you can have more valuable than money,” followed by more salt in the wound. “Dissatisfied with your way of life so far? There is a better way.”

When asked by Tech Insider if an additional REAL tip was left, Wayman responded, “He just left that… I wanted to tell him that I only make $3 an hour and bust my ass at my job to make way less than what I deserve, but he was gone by the time I had the chance to.” 

An outpouring of sympathy has been directed at Wayman via Twitter, with some supporters even offering to give Wayman $20 themselves.